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Courses in deepened self-awareness and compassion for other people

My name is Annika Lehes and I offer courses, lectures and individual sessions.
You learn more about yourself and the people in your life.



Enneagram Cafe

This is currently only given in Swedish!

Coffee with Friends

During our Enneagram Cafe gatherings, a specific topic is presented for each meeting, then we have discussions around the topic. During these evenings we all share our experience, challenges and questions regarding our Enneagram strategy and the topic in question.

Childhood Psychology

Enneagram Typing Interview 

Private session around the Enneagram

For those of you who have difficulty finding your Enneagram type, I offer a private session where we go through a so-called Enneagram interview.

Offered both digitally and as a personal meeting.

Given in both Swedish and English. 

Just nu

The course opened up a lot for me about how other people can think and act based on their fears and driving forces. It has also helped me to understand myself better and I am very much looking forward to going deeper and gaining more knowledge about this.

  - Rebeca

I have read a little about the Enneagram before, but not really grasped it completely. Annika has a great knowledge of the subject, and her course gave me more insight, both about myself and others. Very interesting sessions, and I'm really looking forward to continuing!


A curiosity has aroused the desire to continue my journey towards a deeper self-awareness and also increased the understanding that we all are so complex. A fantastic course that made you want to know more.

- Elisabeth

Business People Applauding


“You can not start the next chapter of your life
if you  keep re-reading the last one ”

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