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The Enneagram

Self knowledge - the path to a more loving world

Why does it feel like this? Why am I acting the way I do? Why do I think these thoughts?

Knowledge about the Enneagram gives you the answers to these questions and so many more.

Varför Enneagrammet?

The Enneagram is a model that describes nine basic life strategies and maps the challenges and strengths of each strategy. The model is based on our intelligence; the mental, the emotional, and the instinctive center.

If you are ready to open up and be completely honest with yourself and are interested in learning more about a model that helps us understand our thoughts, feelings and actions on a deeper level, then you are welcome to follow us here.

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The unique thing about the Enneagram is that it also describes the development paths for each life strategy, which means that the real work begins when you have found your number. With the Enneagram, you learn to recognize your warning signals and stress signals and thus avoid many pitfalls. You get a tool that helps you develop your self-awareness and find your strengths and thus live a happier and more meaningful life.

With the Enneagram, you don't just get answers to the question What? but also the more important question Why? We don't just look at behaviors, but a further look at the motivation behind our behaviors, i.e. why we think, feel and act the way we do. It helps us to understand ourselves better and to be more humble towards ourselves. This in turn also helps us understand others and give us more meaningful relationships.

How does the Enneagram work?

The Enneagram is based on nine different personality types, here called "Enneagram types", they are descriptions of basic versions of our ego structure. The model describes the life strategies of these Enneagram types, which is meant to be a habitual way of thinking, feeling and acting. This means that we usually limit our way of looking at the world, and in the choices, we make in life. The Enneagram does not describe who we are, but how we are stuck in a typical way of dealing with and interpreting life.


To get started you need to find your type of enneagram. This can take time and is nothing we can force forward. There are several ways to find the right one. The easiest way is to start with a test, to get a feel for which Enneagram types are more likely. You can also do a Typing Interview, an interview with an Enneagram guide. The Ennneagram Life offers this, more information on this you can find during selection. For more information on different tests, read more under Enneagram tests. Furthermore, it is good to attend lectures and courses, where you get the opportunity to meet others and discuss their thoughts and thoughts together.


The 9 personality types
in the Enneagram 

Body types, the Instinctive Centre

8 The Protector, The Boss

"What do you stand for?"
Words which describes the 8: Confident, determined, dominant, combative

9 The Mediator, The Peacemaker

"Have we heard everyone's opinions?"

Words which describes the 9: Peaceful, reassuring, conflict-avoiding, negligent 

1 The Reformer, The Perfectionist

"What is the right thing to do?"

Words which describes the 1: Principle, orderly, perfectionistic, self-reliant 

Heart types, the Emotional Centre

2 The Giver, The Helper

"What can I do for you?"

Words which describes the 2: Attentive, generous, self-sacrificing, manipulative

3 The Performer, The Deliverer 

"What needs to be done?"

Words which describes the 3: Targeted, ambitious, vain, hostile

4 The Romantic, The Individualist

"What is missing?"

Words which describes the 4: Intuitive, expressive, self-absorbed, depressive

Head types, the Intellectual Centre

5 The Observer, The 

"What do we know?"

Words which describes the 5: Clear-sighted, innovative, secretive, eccentric

6 The Loyal Skeptic, The Loyalist

"What can go wrong?"

Words which describes the 6: Engaging, loyal, worried, paranoid

7 The Epicure, The Enthusiast 

"What else can we do?"

Words which describes the 7: Enthusiastic, skillful, scattered, manic

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The Enneagram

The Enneagram is more than just a personality model, you do not just take a test and place yourself and your fellow human beings into boxes. The Enneagram gives you an answer to WHY you feel, think and act as you do. You gain the knowledge to understand your defense strategies and development paths, and thus help you get out of the box that restricts us from living a full and meaningful life. Here you get the tool to grow as a person through self-knowledge. As we become more conscious and understand ourselves better, it becomes easier to act in a more humble and understanding way towards ourselves and others.


The Enneagram is based entirely on working with ourselves, so it is important to always let each individual find his or her own way forward, at their own pace. You cannot force the Enneagram on anything, it must be self-selected. It takes the will and courage to make a personal development journey in one's life.


The Enneagram Life is based on the storytelling tradition ( The Narrative Enneagram ) which mainly comprises an educational form based on the participants taking part in interviews in panel form. By listening to a group of people within the same Enneagram type, we can more easily understand how this personality type thinks, feels and acts. We also get a simpler understanding of the different variants that exist within each personality type. Again, never forget that each individual is unique. The Narrative Enneagram includes not only the psychological parts of the model but also the spiritual and somatic patterns of each Enneagram type.


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