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Enneagram intervju

A private session around the Enneagram 

If you have difficulty finding your Enneagram type, I offer a private session where we go through a so-called Typing Interview*.

During 90 minutes, you will answer various questions that you may not have asked yourself before. I will guide you through the interview to help you dive into questions about different Enneagram types to find your inner motivation behind your behaviors and arrive at what feels right for you.  

The goal of an Interview is to guide you on the path to finding the Enneagram strategy you live your life with. Note, however, that the result of the interview depends on how strong your own self-awareness is and how open and true you answer the questions. Sometimes we will nail the type together, but more often you will have narrowed it down to a center och a few types for you to further investigate.  


During the interview, you will have the opportunity to stop and think and feel more about what is going on in your own life.  After the interview, you will receive material to explore the Enneagram further.  

It is also possible to book a 30min follow-up meeting later if desired (included).  

No previous knowledge is required  

Offered both online or in-person

price on request

If  you do not have the financial opportunity to participate, contact me and we will always find a solution. 

Prices +VAT for companies, hold Fskattsedel, payment is made via Swis h or invoice.

* Annika is certified through The Narrative School in London, UK. 

*Annika är certifierad via The Narrative School i London, UK och California, USA.
Samt "9Prisons1Key" och "Path to Freedom" via Enneagram Prison Project, USA

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